What Makes Him Holistic?

herbsMore fruits and vegetables! Drink more water! Take supplements! Do Yoga! Meditate! Eat a diet high in fiber, low in saturated fat…and so on and on. And don’t forget to BREATHE… Sound advice?  Absolutely. But we are becoming inundated with recommendations and testimonials.

I think the greatest pleasure for me practicing holistically, is the immense sense of accomplishment that I feel helping people. I often sort through a lot of good treatment options while formulating a plan for my client. Human beings, not diseases, come for help and coaching. And human beings come with a context, or what I call a ‘milieu’, a person’s collective chaos, both physiological and psychological, both inherited and acquired. Holistic as a practice, involves a fundamental appreciation for the crossovers between mind and body and the influence on our health. Also important is a grasp of the nuance and idiosyncratic nature of life as we live it. As a practitioner, I draw inspiration from my own history, studies, expertise and philosophy of life.

My first brush with the holistic paradigm was when I apprenticed with Coyote, my early teacher and mentor, a Cherokee shaman. I helped grow and gather wild herbs, made tinctures and salves, and put flowers into vials of brandy (our own Bach Remedies). I didn’t know it at the time but I was walking amidst a seminal journey. One that would leave me forever changed. I was attending college at the time and the cultural clash produced passionate contradictions. My life work wasn’t always in Natural Healing, but the values I learned affected every decision and conclusion since. Principles of holistic practice include respecting your client and accepting them just as they are, while nurturing seeds of change, and supporting the process that powerfully and thoroughly transforms us. Another is ‘do no harm’. I expand the obvious meaning to include leaving the earth as we found it, for those that follow and for all species with whom we share the planet.


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    What Makes Him Holistic?