As much as necessary, as little as possible…


I believe that human beings are complex, self regulating, and are equipped with infinite recuperative powers.

I believe less exposure to  pharma-surgical medicine is best, but sometimes this approach is warranted. I believe it should be employed as much as necessary and as little as possible. Think of it this way:  running comes naturally to the human body, but winning a 4000-meter Olympic competition does not. Achieving such an accomplishment takes awareness, desire and training. Such is the regime for healing sometimes.

Dr. Feldman has been in private practice since 1995 following a 2 year association with Dr. Robert Greenberg and the Whole Health Center of Creve Coeur. Special areas of interest include women’s health, chronic disease, allergies, diabetes, cardiovascular, and gastrointestinal health. He utilizes dietary changes, nutritional supplementation, counseling, botanical medicine, and homeopathy to help support the spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical well-being of patients. In doing so, he is dedicated to working creatively with each individual to find a greater state of health and happiness. Dr. Feldman is trained in the FirstLineTherapy™ therapeutic lifestyle program designed to help people achieve optimum weight and body composition.

Dr. Feldman’s professional training has equipped  him with a highly unique sensitivities, encompassing the art, science, philosophy and practice of diagnosis. But his holistic mindset drives his choices of treatment and suggests thorough patient education and the emphasis on nature’s inherent self-healing, recuperative process.

Dr. Feldman is dedicated to the core belief that True Healing is based on 1) the commitment to a safer planet, 2) the understanding that our health reflects the condition of our environment, and 3) toxins both in and outside our body pose an enormous threat to our well being. Dr. Feldman and his colleagues throughout the fields of natural medicine focus on certain goals such as using fewer drugs, and improving diet and lifestyle.

Dr. Feldman encourages his patients to adhere to a diet that is balanced, mostly fresh, and organic when possible. He believes that doing so gives us the antioxidant edge to combat exposure to environmental toxins. He also stresses the benefits of activities that upgrade our energy and make us less susceptible to illness.  Of course when a problem doesn’t resolve on its own, Dr. Feldman will introduce therapies such as detoxification, cleansing juice fasts, super-supplementation, acupuncture, corrective diet and specialized homeopathic and herbal medicines.